Saturday, March 7, 2009

ChiliFest 2009

Thank you everyone who came to our First Annual Chili Fest! Sorry the post is two weeks late; thanks for your patience. Chili Fest was a raging success. We had six chilis - three vegetarian and three meat - plus cornbread, desserts, beer, and wine. The thirty or so people we packed into our tiny apartment voted on a veggie and meat chili winner, but everyone agreed every dish was delicious.

Here's the insane chili paste I made with a combo of hot hot dried and fresh peppers. My fingers were burning for days.

All the accoutrements: chili paste, chopped hot peppers, red and green sweet peppers, avacado, sour cream, cheese, lime, and adobo.

Peter's Team ATM killer Lucha Libre meat chili.

Some of the veggie chilis (including a family recipe and Keegan's winning chili).

My meat chili - secret ingredients included dark beer and chocolate.

And don't forget the desserts! Lindsay made heavenly mini chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing.
And Vicky made the best carrot cake with cream cheese frosting I've ever eaten. This picture does not do it justice.

Excuse the poor and missing pictures - I was so busy eating, I practically forgot to document the night! Again, thanks everyone for coming; this will definitely be an annual event. I heard lots of discussion about possible future food-centered activities. Can't wait. Bake-off, anyone?

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